What is CanAdapt?

CanAdapt is a collaboration between Resilience by Design Lab at Royal Roads University and the Climate Risk Institute. The groundwork has been laid to create a not-for-profit corporation designed to amplify and simplify public and private sector involvement in climate-informed workforce development through a Canadian Climate Adaptation Digital Portal that connects climate-action related education and training “suppliers” with the needs of consumers (e.g., organizations, and individuals). 

Climate Adaptation Competency Framework (CACF)

CanAdapt evolved from the Adaptation Learning Network (ALN) project, a project designed to increase the capacity of professionals to integrate climate considerations in their work and implement climate informed practices, policies, and strategies. One of the outputs of the ALN project was the Climate Adaptation Competency Framework.There are many unknown implications of climate change on labour markets. However, climate change will undoubtedly have broad consequences for employment, including workforce regulations, the growth of new green jobs, and identifying skills gaps.

The Climate Adaptation Competency Framework, developed by Adaptation Learning Network provides a defined set of competencies to ensure that individuals and teams have the necessary expertise and abilities to perform functions that contribute to climate action;

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