By Austin Lang

When searching through master’s programs, there is a lot to think about. When I decided to leap into a master’s program, I looked for a program that would provide a knowledge base and structure to build upon my passion for sustainability. I was looking for a program that would help me turn my passion into a career. I searched through program lists of universities across Canada and had even started looking internationally. I wanted the credentials of a master but wanted to gain more than just the piece of paper. I wanted to be challenged and take what I was learning out of the university and into my career. I found many unique programs that all had their benefits, but they never genuinely fit; until I found Royal Roads University. Royal Roads is a leader in the online space and has created innovative programs and delivery to make it a truly life-changing experience.

When I started my master’s, I was confident that academic knowledge and understandings would be the most valuable asset that I would gain from the program. I soon realized that I was learning more than just theory; I built a community of collaborators and mentors that would be just as valuable if not more valuable than academic knowledge. With each course I completed, I was also developing a deeper understanding of myself and my perspective and blind spots. This insight has been an invaluable asset in helping me navigate my personal and professional life. The online delivery was like nothing I had ever experienced. The professors took the time to understand and support each learner. Unlike many online classes that provide basic worksheets and activities, each Royal Roads classes are adapted and improved each iteration. The Professors design each class, considering who the learners are and the feedback of previous learners to create a meaningful learning experience. 

Dr. Robin Cox of the Resilience Lab has taken the Royal Roads structures and resources to the next level to develop a new masters’ program. The Masters of Arts in Climate Action Leadership commonly referred to as the MACAL program offers a unique learning experience. The program is structured to create opportunities for students to explore climate systems taking an active role in designing how their learning will unfold. You will not be isolated in the ivory tower of the academy; you will be actively exploring climate issues and creating solutions with the support of experts from around the world. MACAL is not a program filled with long lectures where your degree is the most valuable result. This program engages your passion, leadership skills, and worldview to help you become the kind of climate leader we so desperately need–a leader who is not afraid to explore how climate science merges with lived experience. Climate Leader from the MACAL program will learn the skills to engage with their community to find innovative solutions to the climate crisis. This program will open your mind and career to the world of possibilities within climate action. If you are looking for a program that will help you grow personally and professionally, this is your program. If you are looking for a master’s program that will support you in taking on the world’s climate issues, this is your program. 

If you are ready to take the leap or are interested in finding out more information, click here to visit the program page for more details. 

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